Twin Engine Cummins In A 1970 Dodge Sweptline

The original idea came from a late night in the shop as we were working on a 1993 Dodge First Gen. The hood was popped open and Jody jokingly said “I bet you could fit two of those engines under there” because they have so much extra space under the hood. We grabbed a tape measure and come to find out, there isn’t enough room. Knowing that our 1962 Dodge grain truck also had plenty of room under the hood, we went out to measure it and there was plenty of space.  

It was almost like when Dodge designed the Sweptline, they purposely left enough room for us to put two 12 valves under the hood. While building the truck, everything went pretty smooth. It is in no way shape or form road worthy, but it sure is fun. Coming from a small town of 300, when we got invited to SEMA, we were thrilled. It was such an amazing show that opened a lot of doors for us. During the SEMA cruise, Dave Rea actually got in the passenger seat and road along. But, the truck was so loud we could barely hear each other.

Truck Specs

To start with, it's a full custom frame with four corner air bags independently controlled from Bag Riders and Viair compressors. Since the two engines (two 12v 5.9 Cummins) take up all the engine compartment the radiators were moved behind the cab in the bedside. We actually made and pressure checked the frame rails in order to run coolant through to the back of the truck which has two radiators and fans tucked under the bed, alongside the transmission cooler. The coolant passes through those and then routes back to the engines on the opposite frame rail. Radiator Supply House built a phenomenal intercooler, the two radiators, and the transmission cooler. We narrowed a Dana 70 rear axle by 12" to fit Yokohama Parada 325/50/22 tires in the rear and the front has 275/55/20. American Force Wheels Burnout wheels. The rear suspension is a shop built triangulated four-link with Barnes 4-Wheel Drive 1 1/4 heim joints. The front suspension is a radius rod setup with a disc brake conversion from Scarebird Classic Disc Brakes. The rear was also converted to disc brakes from TSM Manufacturing. Front steering rods and links are all built in house with Ruff Stuff Specialties rod ends. The fuel system has a Rhodes Racing 20-gallon fuel cell and two AirDog 165g transfer pumps, one for each engine but they both share the same return. Area Diesel Service is the sponsor of the two injection pumps, 12 injectors on the engines, and the quadruple Borg Warner turbos (turbo sizes 66 and 57). All of the turbo piping was fabricated in house. The engines are mainly stock, overhauled, o-ringed studded heads, 60 lb valve springs. Bosch P Pumps have some mild work done, bigger weights on governors, 360 cc fuel delivery, rpm @ 3,000, they are as high as they will go. Two Fluidampr balancers. The injectors have larger nozzles. Together they will produce approximately 1000 horsepower and a whopping 2200 ft/lbs of torque. The custom engineered gearbox is transmitting the power from both motors to a 47 RE Track Master transmission sponsored by BD Diesel. Monitoring all of the functions of the two engines are 18 gauges that were compiled into 5 large gauges that SpeedHut Custom gauges sponsored. 


Jody Mollet (The Mastermind)

Mike Mollet

Dakota Mollet

Mallory Mollet


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